About Maindsteel


MAINDSTEEL is one of the most succesful Mexican companies of the recent years, a proud icon of the State of Aguascalientes, and a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of metallic products for different kinds of applications.


A young and innovative Compay that due to our customers’ trust, we have developed solutions, parts and products for different kinds of markets which has enabled us to introduce our products in various countries, making business relationships with different companies in Mexico as well as in the US.


Ever since 2006, MAINDSTEEL  has introduced its products into different markets such as:

  • Automobile Parts for huge OEM’s such as Nissan and Mazda.
  • Displays, Shelves and Racks for huge Corporations such as Coca-Cola, Bimbo, Vianney and Elektra.
  • Products and Accesories for Points of Sale for commercial chains such as The Home Depot, Burger King, Mc Donald’s, among some others.
  • Parts and Products for Luminaries, Emergency Plants and Boilers for Corporations of the Carso Group.
  • Products and Accesories for Casinos, having customers such as Play City Casinos, New Orleans Casino, Harrah’s New Orleans, among some others.
  • Collision Parts for Trucks such as Oil Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Stirrups, Air Filters, among some others.
  • Besides offering products and solutions for the Telecommunications industry, Local Governments, Home and Office, Lockers and Products for the Industry, just to mention some others.


Even though at MAINDSTEEL we have invested in top technology, it has not been the machines our reason to succeed. Our succes and growth is based on our people’s talent and their creativity, the creativity turned into their feeling and passion is what has made MAINDSTEEL reach the places it has currently reached.But this is just the beginning, because our limit is and will always be the place in which our hearts and minds can take us.


It is due to its growth that MAINDSTEEL distributes its products in Mexico, The US, Canada and Latin America. All of our products and services are thought towards giving our customers a full satisfaction.


Because at MAINDSTEEL… “We want to be global leaders, making our people  grow and our customers win”.