To be Global Leaders, Making our People Grow and our Customers Win…


Passion for living, creating and growing.

Quality Policy.

          At Maindsteel we offer total comprehensive solutions with a focus and commitment towards our customer’s full satisfaction, complying with the required quality standards and continuously improving our process and service which are supported by our collaborator’s creative participation.

Because at Maindsteel Quality is doing things right even though no one is watchinng.


  • RESPECT: Acknowledge, accept, appreciate and value our customers, personnel and associated people’s qualifications.
  • HONESTY: To always act based on the truth and an authentic sense of justice.
  • COMMITMENT: To go beyond just complying with an obligation, using all our capabilties in order to reach that which has been entrusted to us, based on passion and innovation.
  • INTEGRITY: It is the strenght which lets us be faithful to our principles, be coherent and to always try and do the right thing.
  • TRUST: It gives us the optimal conditions in order to provide the confidence required by our customers, personnel and associated people.