Our History




MAINDSTEEL is born in 2006, in the beginning, it starts with the manufacture of cash trays and telecommunications equipment. But, by the end of 2006 it gets Nissan’s Tier2 certification due to the opportunity given by the Japanese Group TACHI’s which gives us the opportunity to start working with them in the X11 (Tida) & L32H (Sentra)’s projects. Ever since, MAINDSTEEL has developed products for different markets and for Huge Industries.


Aguascalientes is one of the states better located within the Mexican Republic. This eases a good distribution of our products, whether it’s inside the Mexican Republic or abroad, making it as well easy to have a good logistic and a good communication with our customers and suppliers.


MAINDSTEEL has developed business relationships in Mexico as well as in the United States. In 2006, we founded a company named RISCO Products, Inc., located in Indiana, US. This company is an affiliated branch to us and, it’s due to this business relation that we start to export our products to Canada and the US.


Innovation, service, quality and competitive prices have been the main columns which have supported MAINDSTEEL to become a reliable company, leader of its market. We’re currently supplying parts and products to huge and important Industries and Groups such as: Tachi-s, Calsonic, Lear, Gestamp, Sensata Technologies, Bimbo, Femsa (Coca-Cola), Arca Continental (Coca-Cola), Pepsico, Vianney, Elektra, Grupo Carso, Play City Casinos, The Home Depot, among others.


Because at MAINDSTEEL… We manufacture SOLUTIONS… Not just PRODUCTS.


…MAINDSTEEL, Passion for Living, Creating and Growing…